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Plan your activities and schedule your appointments. It shows monthly calendar directly on your desktop wallpaper and can change your desktop background using a built-in wallpaper changer. The calendar size, position, color, transparency, font, and shadows are customizable.

These days, being efficient means being organized - that is, able to efficiently plan available time, not miss appointments, relocate without losing much time and so forth. All of this requires keeping countless events in your memory and making sure none of them are conflicting or using specialized software that will do all the hard work for you. If you are a busy person and are looking for a way to plan your personal time with greater efficiency, try Interactive Calendar!

Interactive Calendar is a completely free, feature-packed and extremely customizable desktop calendar that is a pleasure to use and look at. Unlike the majority of its direct competitors, this calendar software renders the calendar grid right on the wallpaper, considerably increasing the speed of refreshes/updates and seamlessly integrating with your Windows theme. Another advantage of Interactive Calendar is the degree of visual customization it supports. You can control nearly every aspect of the calendar's appearance: cell spacing, font size, position on the screen, color, opacity and so on. Which is more, you can use a dozen skins that come with the program or load your own images to serve as background for the calendar. The program also supports three interface variations, which allows it to blend perfectly with any Windows theme. more

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